Mindful Drama looks at how to manage the ‘drama’ of our lives using techniques of drama and Mindful Self-Compassion.

Creatives and performers of all kinds, including leaders, are under pressure to present a perfectly in-control image. Yet beneath the surface, they may be highly stressed as they face the uncertainties of life’s circumstances. The stakes can be high when laading an audience of any kind into uncharted territory. The dance is between the actor and acted upon, leader and team, performer and audience.

In a safe, enjoyable, and exploratory fashion, we explore your issues and utilize a range of skills and techniques employed to provide release and promote optimal performance. The goal with Mindful Drama groups (or individual sessions) is to help clients in a social context learn to relax into one’s experience while becoming more familiar and at ease with mental and emotional resistance or stress.

Mindful Drama, while not ‘dramatherapy’ per say, borrows from the spirit and work of dramatherapy, particularly along the lines of Augusto Boal’s philosophy in Theatre of the Oppressed (popular or social issue theatre, but only as a construct for the purposes of our work together) and Playback Theatre (healing through the re-enactment of story).

Mindful Drama utilizes a variety of creative/devising/performance methods combined with the formal/informal practices of Mindful Self-Compassion to help reduce mental and emotional ‘drama’ (stress/difficulty) and agitation.

This work supports individuals in a group context learn new ways of being, so that you can experience a deeper state of self-acceptance and the capacity to work with what you are feeling and thinking in any given moment. This is critical when you are under pressure to ‘perform’ as an artist or leader. These are skills that enhance self-trust, improvisation, and decision-making.

The ultimate aim is to help you increase the capacity to ‘flow’ and work with the entire range of your emotions, as you fundamentally learn to trust your ways of being and express yourself accordingly. Both are foundations for inner peace and well-being, and performance.

The work of Mindful Drama can be done both individually and in groups. Custom workshops are designed to meet client needs.

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Lorelei Loveridge
Drama Practitioner/Teacher/Director
Performing Songwriter/Recording Artist
Independent Record Label Proprietor
Creative Coach*
B.Ed. (Drama/English), M.Mgmt. (Arts and Cultural Management)

* Specialized in Mindful Self-Compassion (Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer), Zen meditation, suicide prevention and person-centred counseling (Samaritans, UK).